That's why Landmark offers more than just tax and investment advice. In fact, getting financial advice from someone who is an expert in both tax investment planning is very beneficial, whether you're investing for the future, managing your money in retirement, or protecting the financial future of those you care about.

HERE'S WHY. Whether you're retired, just starting out or already have a growing portfolio, taxes can be your biggest enemy you face when it comes to achieving your lifestyle and retirement goals. Many people understandably focus solely on the rate of return an investment can provide them, without taking into account the effect taxes will have on their investment decisions and eventual outcome.

In the end it's not how much you accumulate, but rather how much is actually available to you after taxes, to spend, provide the security you want, or pass on to your loved ones. It's not uncommon to see much of the growth people have acquired wiped away because of poor tax and investment planning.

DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU! When you work with Landmark Tax and Investment Services, we will help you design an action plan to take you where you want to go. After all, "Money Planning" is really about planning your life.




If you would like to see what your risk tolerance number is you can click the "Free Portfolio Risk Analysis" link. For information on how your risk analysis is figured, click the Riskalyze link below.