Landmark is continuously utilizing the best technology to better become more efficient and productive. We are embracing new technology like Riskalyze to help Landmark and our clients thrive. Riskalyze is transforming the advisory industry by empowering us to capture a quantitive measurement of client risk tolerance, capture and meet expectations and quantify suitability. 


Serving Up Success

Individuals are always evaluating their current location and discerning where they're headed. In the same way, Riskalyze helps investors see what risk they currently have, how much risk they're willing to handle, and how much risk they need to hit their goals. This is the focal point of the Risk Number.

  1. The road to success begins with understanding how much you possess; that is analyzing your portfolio like using a GPS to know your current location.
  2. The next leg of the journey is learning your personal Risk Number: being cognizant how fast you're willing to drive. Now we are aware how much risk you have and the risk you can handle. However, there's one thing missing.
  3. The final stretch is where we map out your short-term and long-term plans to confirm your route and establish the destination.

Once we know these three vectors, we are ready to make actionable decisions about your lives and dreams. Changes may be required, whether taking on less risk because of your risk comfort zone or adopting more risk for a greater likelihood of success. Whatever changes needed, we are empowered with the knowledge and capability to achieve. Click the link below to access your free portfolio risk analysis.